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Calculating your income taxes can be one of the most complicated things that you need to do as a business owner. We work with our client to minimize their tax bill and audit-proof their accounting records for Revenue Canada. Our team members are trained not to ignore even the smallest deduction.

Often, there is more than one method of preparing a tax return or taking certain deductions, we are committed to evaluating each method and selecting the most beneficial one for our clients. The preparation of tax returns is becoming more and more complex by the constant expansion and amendment of the tax rules. We handle the full range of tax compliance obligations, including such specialty areas as US federal & state returns, Quebec tax returns, non-resident returns, snowbird tax filings, and deceased taxpayer returns.

Finding a mortgage on your own can be both stressful and time-consuming, but at AccounTax Financial, we work hard to make it as stress-free as possible.

Our industry experts are trained to understand your mortgage needs, and to find the best rates available. We make it our business to find the right mortgage for you.

How do we do this? It’s simple. First, we know which lenders have the best rates, and make it a point to negotiate with multiple lenders at once. Second, we know the system and have the industry knowledge to present financing proposals to lenders to successfully obtain mortgage financing -- and we do all the paperwork! Finally, AccounTax Financial is compensated by the lenders so, in most cases, we offer our services free of charge.

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