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Little Avocados Day Home

16116 61 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada


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Hello there!
My name is Bianca Medaglia and I run and operate a Day Home on the north end of Edmonton called Little Avocado's!
I am welcoming new Avocados and would love to have Mommy's and Daddy's stop by to view my home at any time!
I am a compassionate, reliable, fun loving, 20 year old and I can provide the ultimate care for your children!
I can provide a professional, safe and educational environment that your children will never want to leave! :)
I live with both of my grandparents who love children almost as much as I do. Childcare is my passion never really feels like work to me! I love to be involved in every way with the children and engage in all kinds of fun, indoor/outdoor activities. I believe healthy habits are essential and learning to cook with good quality, wholesome foods can make a huge difference in a child's development.
Your child's education, safety and well being are my number one priorties!!
I am ALWAYS home and always available to watch your little ones.
Attached is a photo of my home that was taken this summer.
I am very excited to hear from you!!! To come take a look at my home, chat about prices, or discuss any questions you may have, please email me @ OR phone me @ 780 472 2020.

Thanks so much!

Head Avocado,

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