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Michael's PC Repair and Tutoring Service

6284 Towncenter Circle, Naples, FL, United States


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My name is Michael Rizzo. I am the boss and employee at Michael's Computer Repair Service.I have been running Michael's Computer Repair Service since October 2010.

I specialize in fixing the following issues on Laptops and Desktops

Hard Drive Replacement and install for Laptops

Computers that are running slow

Computers that are filled with viruses,popups, or unwanted toolbars

Replacing Damaged or Cracked Laptop Screens.

Removing dust and fixing overheating

Data Recovery off of a Hard Drive

Setting up a new Laptop or Desktop

Upgrading from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7

Fixing unusual issues in Windows XP - Windows 8.1

My Computer Repairs are fast,honest,professional and affordable.

I also do Computer Tutoring in the following subjects

How to Scan a document in to your computer

How to send and receive email

How to use Windows 8 or 8.1

I Charge $20 per hour for tutoring

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Computer Repair
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Computer Training
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