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Welcome home!

Imagine coming home to a house that sparkles and having the free time to enjoy it. With Messy Maid housework is one item you can cross off your "to-do" list. And you will be able to take comfort in knowing that someone you trust cleaned it professionally and to your satisfaction - every time.

The professional teams at MESSY MAID can provide you with the occasional or one time clean. However, the majority of our clients choose either weekly or biweekly service. Everybody's needs are different. Please call us to discuss your individual requirements.

In order to join the MESSY MAID team, potential applicants are screened extensively. We run a complete Criminal and Background check to ensure that the individuals entering your home are trustworthy.

MESSY MAID employees go through a two-week training period before they are ever permitted to enter any home. Even after the initial training, the quality of their work is supervised by our management staff. A checklist is also provided for our teams to ensure everything has been cleaned to standard.

As per our guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied we will have one of our teams available to re-clean your home.

Protecting You and Your Home
Your protection is first in our books.

All MESSY MAID employees are fully bonded and insured which includes liability and worker's compensation.

Our staff uses the utmost care in your home however, occasionally accidents do happen where something may break. Rest assured that we have the protection to replace or fix an item should that happen.

Our Services

Personal Errands
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning


Pre and Post Construction Cleanups:
Whether you are remodeling or building your new office space or residence you need the space to be clean for ongoing construction, inspections, final presentation, lease, or sale. Clean construction areas are safer for workers, and make construction projects more efficient. Surfaces need to be clean in order to install cubicles, doors, windows, flooring, paint, or wall coverings.

Inspections require clean, well organized walls, crawlspaces, ceilings, and floors in order to be successful. Don't let yourself be held back by debris, dust, and dirt. MESSY MAID will be your partner for pre- construction and post-construction clean-up. We remove junk and heavy debris such as wood, metal, drywall, old windows, old doors, trash, and demolition waste. We remove old fixtures, sinks, toilets, flooring, ceiling, chandeliers, electrical, pipes, radiators, carpeting, and other construction site waste and construction by-products.

Move In/Out:

Are you buying or selling a home? MESSY MAID offers comprehensive and detailed Move-In / Move-Out cleaning. Whether you are leaving for the last time or just moving in, our home cleaning services will leave you with a house that sparkles and looks like new.

Office Cleaning

MESSY MAID offers reliable and thorough office cleaning services for your office. Our quality services provide you with trained, professional, pre-screened, and qualified cleaning staff for all your needs. Our general office cleaning services are within your reach. The office cleaning services we provide are what give us our reputation.

Inside and Outside Windows

We know cleaning windows is a big, tiring job and most of you do not have the time and/or energies to clean windows after long hours at the office and during what little free time you get on weekends.We can easily clean the interior and exterior of every window in your home quickly and to the quality you demand.

Before and After Party Cleanups
After a long hard night of partying, the last thing you want to do the next morning is clean. And that is where we come in. Our before or after party cleaning services are tailor-made to suit your needs and hopefully remove at least one of your headaches! We can provide you with quality and reliable before and after-party cleaning services at the best prices you can get.

Spring Cleaning

Every house needs spring cleaning apart from the regular weekly cleaning. It involves thorough cleaning duties. One Off cleaning is professional cleaning for clients who do not need a cleaner on a regular basis but can order one when a need of cleaning arises. One Off cleaning includes the same duties and tasks of spring cleaning.

Pre-Holiday Cleaning

The busiest times in almost all of our lives tend to center around the holidays. Guests are cycled in and out, entertaining means bigger messes, and cleaning often gets swept under the rug in light of more important commitments. If you find hassle and holidays go hand in hand, MESSY MAID are typically more than willing to share the load. The best thing about hiring MESSY MAID is that the terms are completely up to you. If you just want us to come through and do a quick once-over, tell us so. If you need a deep cleaning before the in-laws show up for their visit, that's okay too. And if that project at work looks like it's going to stretch out over a few weeks or months, talk to us about performing regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning services as well. Remember, it's your home. Just tell MESSY MAID what you need and we'll find a way to make it happen.


Clutter invades your space and takes over your life. Clutter makes you disorganized, stressed, out of control. Clutter muddies your thinking, takes over your home or workplace and distracts you from your priorities. Clutter can stop you achieving your goals. Clutter affects your self-confidence and the image you present to others. MESSY MAID gives you the answers to the problems that clutter creates. Clutter may not seem important in the grand scheme of things, but this is a misleading impression. We cope with death, divorce, taxes, our boss at work, our paperwork, and even challenging children. But the kind of thing that pushes us over the edge comes when we can't find a clean shirt for work, or when we have lost our car keys and we're already late for an appointment. The cause of this chaos is usually one factor - clutter.
Why Do People Keep Clutter?
Being surrounded by possessions can make some people feel more 'real'. These possessions hold memories and getting rid of them can feel as though the memories are being thrown away. MESSY MAID is not about hiding clutter, storing clutter, or organizing clutter; it is about getting rid of clutter. MESSY MAID takes you through these steps in more detail and guides you through the de cluttering process: helping you bring control, order, harmony and, best of all, freedom back into your life. To help you dispose of those unwanted items, contact us for a free estimate.


We take away the chore of doing laundry - As part of our cleaning service not only do we wash, dry and fold or hang your clothes, but we iron as well.

Whether it's a bag of bedding or towels to wash or formal shirts to be washed and ironed, we'll happily take it off your hands and do all the hard work for you, leaving you able to get on with your day and forget about it. Those long hours of laundry will soon be a distant memory! We aim to make your day a little bit easier!

Personal Errands

Light Groceries
We know how busy your life can get; why not use MESSY MAID to pickup items you may have forgotten prior to having your house cleaned. Provide us with a list of your groceries and we will bring them along with us on the day of your scheduled clean. A service fee will apply.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Having no time to clean or find a person to clean your upholstery or carpets. We have the answer; we have a company that we use for just that job. Our cleaning professionals are trained to deliver the finest in service and quality using carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions and powerful equipment.

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