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London, ON, Canada
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We consider each move we make an opportunity to start an ongoing relationship.

We provide moving services throughout SOUTHERN ONTARIO

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Please book early because end of month is always busy.

1.Sort through your belongings to reduce the number of things to move.

2.Have a garage sale or donate items you no longer need to charity.
• Purchase packing supplies: boxes, packing material, tape, felt markers, and scissors.

3.If you're moving a long distance, make travel arrangements with the airline, hotel, and rental car agency. If you're driving to your new home, get maps and plan your travel route.

4.Save all moving receipts, as some moving expenses may be tax deductible. Check the current tax code for requirements.

5.Place your legal, medical, financial, and insurance records in a safe and accessible place because it may take you a long time to unpack all the stuff.

6.Schedule the disconnection of all gas appliances, water lines, and hard-wired electrical fixtures that Motion is moving

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