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I love helping people find the right wardrobe for themselves. The key to getting the right look starts with organization. Then finding the pieces for each category that fits your daily lifestyle. Once we establish that we can put together the styles that best suits your goal.
Also services provided can be on a creative basis for events, editorial or fashion events.

I am detail orientated can juggle your emails, phone calls and your travel plans. Reliable, responsible with your children, pets, home for short term or long term.
I can wear many hats but can guaranteed that you will feel confident knowing that the task at hand will be done properly and in a timely manner. Confidential matters and highly sensitive files are safe in my hands.

I love to plan an amazing party. You will find that my experience with charity events will give you a professional look with a touch of bohemian chic. I lived in Austin Texas for over 13 years and have used my lifestyle, music experience and fashion background to influence my style in achieving the best results and your collaboration to get the best results for an glamorous event.

Color code, alphabetically filed, or clean your closet, garage, or storage unit. You name it we can do it. Let us file your paperwork, albums or any precious items with car.Cleanliness and organization can give you a peace of mind and sometimes just a little extra help and make a whole world of difference.

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Fashion Consultants
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Personal Assistants
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Event Planning
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Closet, Storage, Organization
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