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24 Hour Emergency Service
FHA - VA Approved with Credit Scores as low as 580
• Direct Endorser of FHA and VA loans:
FHA Loan: 3.5% down payment, plus 580 or greater credit score VA Loan : 0% down payment, plus 580 or greater credit score.
• FHA Loan: 580-619 credit requires a debt to income ratio of 43% or less to avoid automatic downgrade to manual underwrite, 620+ FICO up to 55% DTI with an Automated Approval
• VA Loan: 100% financing up to a 46% DTI on a manual underwrite. [If compensating factors needed, see list below]
• 3 Open Trade Lines with 12+ months recent activity & positive payment history
• Alternative trade lines accepted: utilities, car/renter's insurance, cable, phone, etc…
• Loan Processing and Underwriting all under one roof
• 15- 21 day Turn times from Contract date to Fund Date
• Same Day Credit Analysis and Conditional Loan Approvals—7 days a week

Compensating Factors [When Necessary on a Manual Underwrite]
One or more of the following:
• 1-3 months of reserves (PITI)
• Job stability (2+ Years with Current Employer)
• A potential of a substantial increase in earnings due to job training or education
• Current rent is comparable to or more than proposed mortgage payment (Minimal payment shock)

Chris Mallon
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1300 West Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 257 Irving TX 75038
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