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Hello and welcome to Jessica Rae Photography! I’m Jessica, usually just Jess but no preference. I will be honest and say that photography was never really in my life plan until a couple years ago when a friend that I worked with asked if I would just do some wedding photos for her. It was just going to be a small and intimate affair with a family that I had known for years. I never considered it as a job, it was just a favor. I didn’t even have a proper camera of my own, I borrowed one from a relative. I showed up as everyone was just getting ready and took a few snaps here and there, just catching the moment. And a fire sparked deep within me and as the day went on it turned into a roaring flame that warmed me from the inside out. Passion. I then slowly started putting together the pieces and creating what I have now. I have been doing some revisions to my original process and have exciting things in store for 2015! I recently converted the upstairs area of my home into a fair sized indoor studio, great for newborns! I am a single, 22 year old from Alberta. I spontaneously moved to Saskatchewan when I was 20 years old to start fresh and to really figure out who I am. I was always a shy girl back home and hid within my comfort zones, then I took them all away. Exposed myself to the world. It has been an adventure the entire time. Starting a new career, getting a dog, buying my first home, travelling, meeting new people and most of all finding myself and being comfortable with who I am. I currently live in Kinistino, Saskatchewan but I’m really never home, I am usually off somewhere else. I love meeting and getting to know new people and travelling around. I have photographed in many different areas of Saskatchewan and Alberta and it’s great to be a part of your life’s special moments, graduation, getting engaged, your first kiss as husband and wife, your first child, and watching your family grow and experience life. It is just so precious and am always honored to be contacted to take part in that and capture moments that you can hold onto forever. I’m happy when you’re happy and I cannot wait to work with you! Give me a call, text or email today….coffee is always on. Best, Jess

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