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Daniel musical gift started from a young age, when he was just three years old. Daniel would find joy and love for the sound of music with different rhythms and genres.   Daniel is the youngest of 4 brothers who have musical and business talents. At the age of 5 years old Daniel could not sit still, without having pots, pans, pillow, bed or couches – anything that can bounce sound back to him. At the age of seven Daniel’s parents bought him his first drum set, his most treasured gift.  Not a day went by that Daniel would be practicing to radio, cassette, or VHS. At the age of eleven, Daniel had the opportunity to perform along different musical groups for different church services and concerts around the GTA.  At of age thirteen, Daniel’s parents decided to transition from all Hispanic community church to a Canadian African American church very well known in Toronto, Rhema Christian Ministries. At Rhema, it was only through audition that you were considered to take part in music band. After a intense audition and interview process Daniel successfully joined the Rhema Music and Worship Arts department. There Daniel was trained, mentored and given dedicated time to develop and enhance his musical capabilities learning different styles e.g.: gospel, jazz, R&B, Hip-hop and so on and so forth. After years of preparation and practicing in many rehearsals, Daniel is now the main drummer for the department.   At the age of seventeen, Daniel went through yet a secondary audition process to take part in Camp de blues 2009 in Montreal. It was there Daniel got to perform at the Montreal Jazz Festival with great young musicians and singers.   Daniel confidence in music was growing and the amount of network increased by every large and small performance at local communities and church services. But the greatest trial of all came on December 5th 2009, when Daniel’s father passed away at the age of fifty-five by a severe epidemic flue. Not knowing wither to continue keep playing drums or not Daniel decided to step back and re-think if he would pursuit music, after all Daniel’s father was his number one fan. With the help of family, friends and mentors, Daniel’s escape and release of emotions was music and in 2010 Daniel submitted an audition recording for the Humber Summer Jazz Workshop. After he had passed his audition and decided continue to with his music career. The Humber Summer Jazz workshop, rehearsal and networking was yet another great experience allowing Daniel to get a chance to perform at the Beaches Jazz Fest and record at Humber College’s state of the art studio.   In 2011, Daniel shared platforms and performed in conjunction with bands for international artist such as Londa Larmond, Paulis Sanchez, Cheryl James and VOW Choir, Matthew Burnett, Colvin Chambers and many more. Also performing along side entrepreneur, musician and Maja Award winner for New Artist 2007, Robert Chambers.   In 2012, Daniel was privileged to travel with artist Paulis Sanchez to Bogota, Columbia for one of the largest Gospel Fest, which is held at a stadium with 80,000 in attendance, one of the largest performances to date for Daniel’s portfolio.   In 2013, Daniel entered into a drum competition called Drum Off, while he was not a finalist; it expanded his exposure and network.     In search of increasing Daniel’s knowledge and skills in music has initiated the process to achieve his 2014 goal to attend Seneca for the Independent Music Production Program. Attaining this experience and educational accolade would no doubt increase exposure to Daniel’s musical skills and unfold his career to higher milestones.

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