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Our mission is to provide you with an on time hassle free experience, while making each project an enjoyable and productive experience. You need to feel that you have chosen the right contractor to do the best job for you and MTG can help you do that.

Master Trades Group of local professionals goal is to provide you with licensed trades, complete client communication, scheduled timeline and a great price.
We have been in the construction business for over 40 years and fully insured with 2 million dollars liability and 5 million general with WSIB compliant.

MTG is unique in the way we operate with our own network of independent contractors. We do two things that other contractors do not. We get the lowest possible price with the best possible contractors to do the jobs. If at any time you are not completely happy with your contractor, you can you have the option to request a new contractor to continue the project.

MTG are members of several recognized construction organizations and carry several top notched reviews over the net.

5.0 ANY JOB:
We are happy to take on any size jobs from small home repair to major renovation project that requires several trades.
I am happy to provide you with a simple bathroom tap repair to a complete design home build.
If you require a full set of detailed permit drawings for any additional projects for building permits. I can do that too.

Master Trades Group has also partnered with various financial organizations to further assist you in making wise choices in providing you with affordable NO PAY TILL 3, 6, or 12 months time line financing at very competitive rates.

I take a lot of pride in my work and scheduling is one most important features. I will also provide you with a timeline schedule so that you can be assured of the project will be completed as planned. This can also be shared online. I provide you One Source, One Solution.
One Source One Solution: means, I’ll take your project right from the idea, to the finished project. That includes, 1: Project Design, 2: Drawings, 3: Financing, 4: Scheduling, 5: Sub Trade time lines, 6: Inspections, 7: Final Approvals from ESA, Fire, Building and all other power governmental bodies. Its simple, you deal with one company and have all the benefits to all the trades.

MTG Services: is unique because we work in our own network to provide you with the best possible price and service. If you are not completely satisfied by any of our sub trades, we will remove the sub contractor and provide you with a replacement within a responsible timeline so you stay happy and get the best service possible.

MTG will provides several limited warranties from 90 days for service up to 50 years for manufactured products such as steel roofing. Most warranties will depend on the service performed or the product used on the project. Whatever the case, MTG gives as much as will allow to keep you fully satisfied and us in business to maintain a great rapport with our clients to keep them coming back.

10.0 COMING SOON: (Contractor Dispatch)
MTG is now in the process of providing a long awaited service called “Contractor Dispatch”. This will provide customers with a timeline rush service that needs immediate attention.
Our service contractors will be on call 24-7 and be ready for any construction trade service that will provide homeowners the fast service and knowledge they deserve. It will be a one call gets all the trades. MTG’s motto, is One Source, One Solution.

For every project that Master Trades Group provides you with, you will be presented with a reward bucks that you can use on the next job we do for you. At any time one of our dedicated trade service contractors will honor and reduce your cost by the amount of vBucks you have.

If you are now ready for a FREE, no obligation quotation, please reply to me so we can work on getting you the best price possible and get started. Or you may simply reply with your contact information and I'll promptly connect with you to discuss your project today.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you shortly

Kindest Regards,
One Source, One Solution.

Marcel Bradbury,
Master Trades Group.
One Source One Solution
Local Areas Serviced: Kitchener, Hamilton, Niagara, Toronto, London, Windsor, Barrie and surrounding areas.
Cell: 519.716.4741 (text message)
Bus: 226.444.8730
Skype: marcel.mtg

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