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Niagara Learning Academy

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Niagara Learning Academy offers excellent ESL classes for newcomers to Canada. These classes run every weekday from 9:30-2:30pm. These classes focus on the skills needed to properly integrate and socialize in Canada. Our lessons will focus on all four learning requirements; speaking, listening, writing and reading.

When a new student applies to Niagara Learning Academy, placement assessment will be completed. Assessments will be done in reading, speaking, writing and listening to English. After completing placement testing, new students will be placed in appropriate leveled classes.

Students will be able to take classes in four levels of learning English. Classes are offered five days a week. Classes will be offered bi-weekly; one week level two and three classes will take place, the next week level four and five.

Our lessons will closely follow the curriculum offered at surrounding learning institutions. These classes can be taken by children, University or College students, as well as adults.

For more information on time and availability, please contact the Niagara Learning Academy.

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