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1545 Unionport Road, Bronx, NY, United States
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I am trustworthy and reliable childcare professional with a track record of providing exemplary service and supervision for families throughout the NYC area. Dedicated to providing enriching and fun activities to children under care, making sure they are properly fed when parents are away, and facilitating any additional with parent who has a date night and any occasion I sleep over with children until mom comes home parent parties pursuant to social schedules I will work with the parent I am very good as nanny .I am an experienced as a nanny . I Love my job and kids, loving, kind, very organized, energetic and highly focused on child development. Cooking and cleaning is my responsibilities. I love to do cooking I am very well to do that.
I looking forward

• Trustworthy, warm, takes initiative, intelligent, takes direction well.
• Genuinely enjoys her occupation and brings a warmth to the workplace.
• Willing & teachable, emotionally healthy.
• Discreet – understands that this is working for "private people."
• Reliable, prompt
• Communicates well
• Drives
• Energetic

• Housework: laundry & rooms, empty dishwasher & tidy kitchen, keep basement playroom tidy, vacuum rug .
• Grocery shopping .
• Meal preparation: cooking . Keeps rinsed fruit and steamed vegetables in the fridge.
• Willing to run errands: pick up packages at Man. Mailboxes, hardware store etc. if need
• Can keep track of petty cash receipts and communicate spending to personal assistant.
• Can relay information to boss from vendors, workers, repairmen etc.
• Keeps an eye on the household & nursery supplies and alerts when running low: basic groceries (milk, eggs, bread, jam, almond butter
dy, vacuum rug .

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Childcare, Nanny, Babysitter
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Cleaners, Housekeepers, Maids
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