Schulz Make-up & Beauty Studio - Cosmetician in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Schulz Make-up & Beauty Studio

39 Stewart St, Toronto, ON, Canada


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Schulz Beauty is a luxe new make-up studio specializing in enhancing your everyday gorgeous glow. Under the trained artistry of our make-up, hair styling and spray tanning experts, think of Schulz Beauty as the studio for all of your glowing needs. We boast Toronto's first sunless (UV-free) studio, providing you with a natural-looking glow without any exposure to harmful rays.

Our modern and comfortable space was designed with our clients' comfort and needs in mind. We only use professional-grade makeup and hair products and have curated a selection of our favorite beauty products for you to shop, to ensure you glow your best self every day.

Finally, a chic haven for all your makeup and getting ready needs! Get ready and glow out!

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