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218 Main Street, West Elgin, Ontario, Canada
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Deborah and Thea Parkes-Wheeler
Call 6197683191


Service Area
50 (km)
24 Hour Emergency Service
We are actually in West Lorne which the map does not recognize which is in the same area.
We would be happy to take your children farther if you are willing to drive here. It is very worth it as they would be very very well taken care of.
Mother of 3 and a daughter at 19 are excellent with children and would love to help you with your childcare needs.
We are in West Lorne and very reliable, loving and calm with lots of space and toys. Snacks can be included as well as outings to the park and trips to the beach and pool if the weather seems to fit. We do have a very loving sweet genuine seal point persian cat but she is hypo-allergenic so there should be no concerns. We will keep her away from children if requested.
Call for more information if its a service we can provide you with

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Daycare Services
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