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785 Browns Line, Toronto, ON, Canada
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We provide the highest quality services available for WEED ELIMINATION & Weed Control, Tree trimming and removal, Topsoil and seeding, Sod installation, Lawn Aeration, Fertilizing and more......

Regardless of the services or advisement you are requesting, Our ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS when we say "WE PROUDLY COMPLETE OUR WORK FOR OUR CLIENTS AS IF WE WERE DOING SO FOR OUR OWN HOMES". We take great pride in the work we provide for you and the quality of our work and the resulting outcome speak for themselves.........
We GUARANTEE THE WEEDS WE SPRAY WILL BE ELIMINATED after being properly treated with our Fiesta applications. Yes you will continue to acquire those unwanted weeds on the lawn until such a time where the lawn has been thickened to the point that the weeds cannot penetrate beneath the grass blades to anchor n the soil and grow new weeds. A proper combination of Sterile topsoil and highest quality sterile seeding will help ensure an amazingly thick and healthy beautiful lawn!!!.................................................

When it comes to tree trimming and removal, all jobs are carefully executed with safety in mind together with quality workmanship as is the case with our weed elimination service. We do the job for you the way you want it done!!!!!!!!!!!

Computer IT Services
WEBSITE creation and development as per YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS

•Complete Evaluation and Assessment of existing infrastructure to Further Enhance Operational Efficiencies and to Maximize Functionality as well as Productivity and hence Reduce Operational Costs

•Installation of Networks including but not limited to WAN, MAN, LAN, NAS(Network Attached Storage), SAN(Storage Attached Networks), “Line of Site” Remote Connectivity, Servers, Routers, Switches, Cabling, Wireless Connectivity, Client Desktops and Laptops, Printers and associated infrastructures

•Proactively Identifying and Resolving potentially simple and or complex issues Prior to their Manifesting within your working environment thus Minimizing Disruption in Productivity and Preventing Downtime

•Offsite and Onsite Data Storage Management and Warehousing including Data Integrity Verification

•System Hardware and Software Upgrades As Required based on evaluations and assessments

•Complete “Cloud” Management Services for Optimal Efficiencies

•Vault Level Securities engagement for Small, Mid-Range and Large Corporate Businesses to Ensure “Breach” Preventions

•Sales of new and refurbished systems and peripherals based on YOUR NEEDS and BUDGETS

•Fully Qualified and Certified Professional Agents to GUARANTEE THE WORK WE DO FOR YOU

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Tree Service, Arborist
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