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With a number of years of experience providing professional residential cleaning services within the Calgary area, clients love my consistency and reliability. I have a reliable vehicle and know Calgary very well and am rarely stuck in traffic long enough to be late. I have registered my cleaning company as Spring Fresh Cleaning (website under construction).

I clean your home top to bottom, including door frames, baseboards and cupboard fronts, using my own supplies unless otherwise requested. Light switches, doorknobs, and spot-washing are all a part of a regular clean. I have green-clean options available and move furniture that is easily moved with two hands. I wash bathroom floors by hand, as well as those corners in the kitchen! I clean with a well-trained helper in order to complete the clean more efficiently and give you more time enjoying your Spring Fresh home.

As a professional cleaner, I charge roughly $10/sq. ft. and with this you will you receive peace of mind in knowing that I will be there as scheduled to provide you with a Spring Fresh clean every time! I am not in this for a quick buck, this is what I do. It is my job, and I am very particular about it.

Please contact me via phone, email, text, or response to this ad if you would be interested in a phone or onsite quote. Thank you!

Kindest Regards to you all, and hope you have a Spring Fresh day!
Autumn Rae, Owner, Spring Fresh Cleaning

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